Apr 7, 2014

Chic Cocktail Swing Coat

I just finished sewing up yet another Heidi and Finn pattern- the adorable Chic Cocktail Swing Coat.  I had added this pattern to my Pinterest “Sewing for Kids” board more than 2 years ago, before Eliza was born and have been dying to make it ever since…  

I made my version with a cotton outer and a fleece lining.   I chose to do a collar instead of a hood mainly because I didn’t have quite enough of the fleece to squeeze out the hood- in fact, I had to make the sleeves a teeny bit narrower in order to fit the patterns on the fabric I had (I pulled from my stash so was trying to work with what I had).


Eliza was in my sewing room as I was putting this together and once she figured out that it was a coat for her she wouldn’t stop talking about it until it was finished and she was wearing it.  “Coat!  Coat!  Me, Coat!” she kept yelling.  Fortunately she loves to wear it and has had many compliments on it when we’re out and about.

Using the fleece as a lining made this coat just the right weight for a Massachusetts spring- it’s warm and cozy but not too warm for those days when the sun decides to finally shine a bit…_DSC2952.jpg

As usual, I’d highly recommend this Heidi and Finn pattern!  It went together so easily and is true to size.  Eliza is currently 19 months and almost 25 lbs- I sewed up the 18 month size.  The coat is meant to fit a little loose and I’m thrilled that she should be able to wear it into the fall.

Mar 5, 2014

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month 18

Little Miss Eliza Rose continues to gain in spunk and sass as she gains in age.   This is a little girl with serious amounts of determination and stubbornness, as well as personality. 


At 18 months Eliza’s language skills continue to grow at exponential rates.  Tell her a word once and she remembers it for the next time.   For a few weeks if you asked her if she could say “Eliza” she’d respond with, “Baby!”   Yesterday she responded with “Lila!”  Water is “waddy,” sit is “s*it,” (hee hee!) and Gabby is “Gubby.”


Like brother, like sister, Eliza is in love with Thomas the Train.  Her favorite parts of the show are the opening and closing songs which means we don’t actually have to be bored to tears by the show itself, she’s happy as long as she gets to bop around to “They’re 2, they’re 4, they’re 6 they’re 8.  Shunting coal and hauling freight….”


Eliza is a big copy cat.   Whatever her brother does she wants to do.  Paul’s favorite song write now is BINGO and we frequently hear Eliza clapping her hands and singing “E! O!!”


When I shower in the morning Eliza runs in to the bathroom as soon as I turn off the water so that she can hand me my towel.  Then she points to the drawer where we keep her brush because she knows I’ll comb my hair next.


Like many toddlers Eliza is a lover of all things routine.   Throw her off her schedule and it does not go well.   If someone opens the freezer she absolutely must get an ice cube out to put in the dog water.   Even if she’s strapped into her highchair she has to get down immediately.  At bedtime she has her choo-choo show (Thomas), then plays horsey (trot trot!) on Daddy’s knee.   Next it’s upstairs for “tee” (teeth), “s*it” for a book, then into bed where she MUST stand up and look at her Peekaboo Peter Rabbit book with Mommy (she’s convinced Jeremy Fisher is Santa because of the white ascot he’s wearing).  She absolutely will not lay down to sleep without a peekaboo from “Ho-Ho” (Santa). 


When we’re home Eliza talks all the time just like Paul.  One way that they’re different though is that when we’re out Paul has always talked to everyone we meet- whether it’s the cashier at the store or people we know he never stops talking.  Eliza is much quieter out in public.  She gleefully yells “bye-bye, bye-bye!” to the ladies in the childcare room at the YMCA or to the folks working at the grocery store but she’s fairly quiet otherwise, at least when we’re not home.  At home though Paul and I have decided that we might need to invest in earplugs for dinner as it’s non-stop.  If the children aren’t talking while they eat they’re humming.


Eliza also loves to “cuggy” or color.   She gets very excited about sitting in the little chair at the coloring table and scribbling in her Minnie Mouse coloring book. 


She’s starting to take an interest in what she wears and has definite things to say about which pair of shoes she’ll wear (Boots!!) or which shirts she most definitely will NOT wear. 

Eliza is a little sweetheart most of the time but watch out when she gets cranky or upset about something!   And just like most toddlers, her mood can change at the drop of a hat!  Exhausting, but adorable!

Mar 3, 2014

Some Sewing- Heidi and Finn Patterns…

Recently I was asked to test a couple of patterns for Heidi and Finn- the Tulip Tunic and Dress and the Pintuck Blouse and Dress

First up was the Tulip Tunic and Dress which is for knit fabrics.  This is the 18 month size.  I made the tunic in a green with sparkly dots with dark grey at the neckline and as an appliqued heart.   I've used this material several times and still have some left- in fact I tested the Heidi and Finn Slouchy Cardigan with that fabric- Eliza was so tiny then!!  The tunic is adorable!   In the photo below the sleeves are folded to the inside as they ended up a bit long- I think Eliza must have short arms as I always have to shorten the sleeves to the next smaller size.


Next I made the dress version in the 18 month size.   I used a polka dot knit (also seen previously) for the sleeves and top portion, a slub knit from an old t-shirt for the dress part and the same dark grey ribbed knit for the neckline and cuffs.   On this version I shortened the arm length to the 12 month size and it’s perfect.  I left the dress unhemmed since knits just roll up nicely on their own for a casual look. 


The Pintuck Blouse and Dress was next.  This pattern is for knits or wovens and closes with a simple tie at the back of the neck.  I started with the dress in a gingham fabric in the 18 month size.  The sleeves are too long and I still need to shorten them but Eliza put up such a fuss about wearing this dress even for a few minutes that I haven’t bothered yet. 



When I made the shirt version in the 18 month size I shortened the sleeves to the 12 month length which was just right.  For the shirt I used a patterned calico (thanks Aunt Sue!) along with a super cute white with red polkadot binding around the neckline.   In an attempt to get Eliza to wear the shirt willingly I used my Silhouette to add an iron-on dachshund with a little polkadot collar.  It sort of worked- she loved the shirt when I showed it to her but put up a fuss about wearing it the first time we tried.   Two days later I tried again and the shirt went on with no problem!



As always, these patterns went together quickly and easily. Each one took about the time of an average Eliza nap to finish (1.5 hours).  They’re adorable and versatile- each can be made with short sleeves instead of long and can easily be embellished or left plain.  I highly recommend checking out the Heidi and Finn shop- I continue to love every pattern by them that I've sewn!

Jan 24, 2014

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month 17

I missed my Things to Remember, Months 15 and 16 for Eliza, but the months were such a blur that I can’t even fathom trying to remember what milestones she was hitting so I’ll just skip ahead to today, Month 17.  As usual, I love to look back and see what LP was up to in Month 17, and like every other month, Eliza is on the exact same timeline.

Our little Miss Eliza continues to be full of sugar and spice.  She’s sweet, sweet, sweet and then she’s oh so mischievous.  She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it, or how to get someone to do it for her.   She knows what face to make to get Daddy to give in to her requests for “coogies,” (aka cookies) and how to get her big brother to follow her around like a little puppy dog.

Just like Paul at this age, Eliza LOVES to help.   She likes to empty the dishwasher (whether it’s clean or not!), throw things in the garbage (whether they’re trash or not!), put laundry in the hamper, clean up her toys, and take the dog out. 


She’s also insistent on doing things herself.  When she’s hungry she’ll open the drawer in the kitchen where we keep the goldfish crackers, sit down, take the clip off the bag and dig in.  She’s happy to share with the dog who comes running pretty quickly.


Favorite activities are pretty much anything her big brother is up to.  A frequent game is chasing each other around the house, both yelling, “Go! Go!”   She also enjoys playing Star Wars. “Shoo shoo!” she says, swinging whatever toy is masquerading as a light saber for the moment.


Eliza has gotten over her clinginess from our trip to Vegas and now runs happily into the childcare room at the Y without any tears.   We had our very first non-relative babysitter since she was 3 months old the other week and she was great.


Miss Eliza knows a TON of words- way more than Paul did at this age I think.   They include:  Mama, Dada, Paul, doggy, baby, coogie (cookie), waddy (water), cup, chair, sit, out, up, down, pop (popcorn), baba, Doc (McStuffins- a favorite show around here), coat, cold, hot, shoe, sock, night-night, hello, bye-bye, thank you, what, really, that, and quite a few different animal sounds.  If you ask her what a bird says she’ll respond, “teet-teet!” while flapping her arms. 


Eliza has begun putting two words together, as well.  “Night-night Dada!”, “Bye-Bye Doggy!” and “What’s That?” are all heard a lot around here.  She loves to say bye-bye to things, even saying bye-bye to the elephant shaped humidifier in her room before she comes downstairs in the morning or after a nap.


Eliza has added a lot of spunk to our house, that’s for sure.   Things are rarely quiet these days with two chatterboxes in the house.   We’re not quite sure where they got it from as Paul and I are fairly quiet but it definitely keeps things lively!


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